Just Relax: 2015 Family-Friendly Flooring Trends

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Great news for busy households! The relaxed look is in for 2015!

Families who live in homes with pets, small children, and/or a large amount of foot traffic can find it difficult to maintain beautiful and dirt or scratch-free floors. Whether your floors are carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate or hardwood—they are bound to see significant wear and tear.

But no worries. The relaxed look is on trend for flooring this year.

Let’s take a look at this trend in more detail.

Muted Tones

Gray, tan, taupe, sand, and beige can be considered the drab colors of the winter season. However, these “drab” colors are perfectly on trend for every type of floor, even hardwood and tile. Neutral-colored tile–taupe, gray, or greige (the combination of gray and beige)–creates a more upscale look to any room. The multi-toned colors are going to be seen more in carpets.

In keeping with the trends of tile and carpet, gray will be a top color for hardwood floors this year. Its understated color prevents it from clashing with the other colors in your home.

Bonus Tip: A muted, tone-on-tone color scheme hides dirt well.

Faux Vintage

Fortunately vintage never goes out of style.

If you are not the type of person to peruse antique and thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales for your vintage goods, then you can do what we are calling “faux vintage,” the combining of old and new to create a vintage look.

This can be done easily with hardwood floors. Using wide planks with muted colors that highlight the wood’s natural flaws or “character,” is a great way to achieve this trend. 

Bonus Tip: Applying a low gloss will give your hardwood floors an even more weathered look!

Rustic Is In

Another popular flooring trend for 2015 is wood-style flooring. And vinyl is the perfect solution to wanting the look of real hardwood floors without the hardwood floors price. The benefits to vinyl flooring are:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Kid-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain

So, a relaxed or rustic look with a muted color palette is one of the family-friendly flooring trends for 2015. This should work well with families of all types and tastes.

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