3 FREE Smartphone Apps for Going Green at Home

free smartphone apps

Going green is more than a trend – it’s a movement! If you’re like most homeowners in America, you probably love the idea of going green and embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, but have no idea how to make it happen, or you’re worried that it’ll take too much time or be too difficult.

These 3 FREE smartphone apps make going green at home a breeze!

FREE Green App #1: SolarChecker

Hopefully, you’re well aware of the tax incentives homeowners get for installing solar panels and other eco-friendly renovations. For those who aren’t, or for those who are looking into the wonders of solar paneling, the SolarChecker is awesome! Firstly, this app measures the amount of solar radiation at your location then calculates the ROI of the installation. Simple, easy, and helpful – what could be better?

Available For: iOS

FREE Green App #2: BrightNest

Filled with handy tips and tricks to help you go green at home, the BrightNest app is perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner! After downloading the app, you’ll have the option to subscribe to a variety of interesting topics, including:

  • Money Savers
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Tips for Going Green
  • Homeowner How-To’s

If you opt into the tips for going green, you’ll get fun advice and instructions for everything from water conservation to DIY cleaning products delivered right to your phone!

Available For: iPhone

FREE Green App #3: Vine.com

We know the feeling; you’re so excited because your newly purchased product advertises that it’s “green” and “eco-friendly”, right? Well, sometimes those advertisements aren’t as true as they claim to be. When you shop Vine’s online storefront, there’s no guesswork because every product featured on the app must meet several standards to meet the Green Qualification! The best part – the sleek interface allows you to make purchases directly from the app.

Available For: iOS

Don’t just sit there and wish you could help with the green movement. Take advantage of these FREE smartphone apps that promote green living and LIVE the green lifestyle. Not only will you feel better about helping the environment, but you will also feel great about yourself!

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