3 Ways to Love Your Carpet

Bedroom with luxurious carpetWe’re pretty hip to the trends around here, so we’re well aware that the look of carpet isn’t exactly on every interior designer’s hot list. However, there’s no denying that lots of homeowners enjoy the plush feel of carpet under their feet, and don’t want to sacrifice comfort for a design trend.

To help you create a space that’s just as cozy as it is stylish, we’re showing you three ways to love your carpet.

#1: Don’t Be Boring

Nothing says “ho-hum” quite like a regular ol’ beige, white, or grey piece of carpet. Unless you’re the world’s best accessorizer, it’s pretty difficult to add a touch of pizzazz to a room that’s grounded with yawn-inducing carpet.

Rather than opting for a solid color or shade, hop over to the other end of the spectrum and start exploring the world of patterns! Not only is patterned carpet all the rage right now, but it’s also a perfect fit in homes with children and pets, as it camouflages high-traffic patterns, debris, and stains.

If the idea of patterned carpet puts you on edge, that’s okay – the bold look isn’t for everyone. Instead, try looking for different textures. While these aren’t as drastic as patterns, they add a unique look to rooms and are easy to style around.

#2: Layer Rugs

Yep, we said it. Layer rugs. You’re probably thinking we’ve gone off the deep end, right? Wrong! Adding a rug to a carpeted room is a really easy and affordable way to transform the whole look of your space.

Follow this simple rug layering rule, and you’ll fall in love with your carpeted room all over again: Don’t mix patterns with patterns, textures with textures, or neutrals with neutrals. Make sense? Here’s a better breakdown:

  • When layering rugs over patterned carpet, opt for a neutral colored rug with minimal texture to soften the look.
  • When layering rugs over heavily-textured, yet neutral colored carpet, opt for bold colored rug with minimal texture and pattern to balance the look.
  • When layering rugs over heavily-textured and bold colored carpet, opt for a neutral colored rug with minimal texture and pattern to balance the look.
  • When layering rugs over neutral colored carpeting, opt for a rug with a bold color, pattern, or texture to liven up the look.

#3: Play with Color

Color wheelJust because blue is your favorite color doesn’t mean your whole living room has to look like a blue paradise! Rather than saturating a space with one or two colors, experiment with all different colors. Remember, furniture, carpet, and accessories don’t have to match – they just need to complement each other.

Not sure how to tell if the items in your room complement each other? We’ll show you how. First, let’s pretend you just had fabulous new blue and white patterned carpet installed in your living room, but you’re not sure what color sofa you should purchase to complement the carpet.

Take a look at the color wheel above: as a general rule, colors that complement each other best sit directly across from each other. Of course, this is just a guideline, but it can help to bring your design visions to life.

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