4 Dishwashing Tips to Cut Cleaning Time in Half

4 Dishwashing Tips to Cut Cleaning Time in Half by Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

We’re all familiar with that that wonderfully lazy feeling that sets in after a home cooked meal. While there’s nothing more relaxing than a full belly and a night of re-runs, those pesky dishes aren't going to wash themselves. So, in an effort to cut your cleaning time in half, we’re sharing four dishwashing tips that we know you’ll love!


Dishwashing Shortcut #1: Ditch the Sponge

If you’re only cleaning cups or delicate glassware, there’s nothing wrong with using a sponge. However, if scrubbing a casserole dish, dirty plates, and pots and pans is on your agenda, you’ll want to utilize a long-handled scrub brush.

Since long-handled brushes offer more leverage when scrubbing, they pack a mean punch against stuck-on food and grease.

Dishwashing Shortcut #2: Strategic Sink Stacking & Soaking

When stacking plates in your kitchen sink, try placing a fork or knife in-between each one to create a tower effect. In between each level, add an overly-generous amount of liquid dish soap to the top plate, then run warm water across the top of the tower.

The warm water will activate the grease eliminating power of your dish soap, and the tower formation creates a trickle effect, forcing suds to settle between each stacked plate. Instead of simply soaking in the kitchen sink, this technique actually pre-cleans your dishes – translating to less scrub time for you!

Dishwashing Shortcut #3: Get Hot & Steamy

This is another strategic soaking technique, and one of our personal favorites: After eating, fill your sink with the hottest water your faucet can produce, as well as a generous amount of dish soap. As the sink is filling, go ahead and add those grimy dishes, one-by-one (watch out for hot water splashes!).

After every dirty dish is in the sink, let them soak until the water becomes cool to the touch. Keep in mind, it usually takes a while for hot and steamy water to cool down – so you’ll just have to kick back and relax for a while (now you know why this technique is our favorite).

When the water has cooled, drain the sink and place the dishes in your dishwasher, or wash them by hand; you’ll find that most of the cleaning has been done for you!

Dishwashing Shortcut #4: Become a Better Chef

We’re not saying you should sign up for culinary school, or anything; we’re simply saying that you may want to quit burning everything! When you burn food, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of cleaning that black crust-like residue off your pots and pans and those awful smoke odors.

An easy way to banish burning is to purchase heavy-duty, stainless steel cookware. Unlike other types of cookware, stainless steel pots and pans distribute heat evenly, greatly reducing the risk of burning.

Delegate Dishwashing Duty

Keep in Mind: there’s nothing wrong with pushing dishwashing duty off onto the kids, your spouse, roommate, etc. If you’re the one who does all the cooking, it’s perfectly fine to share the kitchen chores; go ahead and forward this article on to whomever you’re electing to take over dishwashing duty – they’ll thank you big time!