4 DIY Ways to Open Frozen Car Doors

Frozen car door in winterThis has happened to all of us at least once; it’s the middle of winter and you need to a make quick run to the grocery store. Only one problem—you can’t get into your car because the door is completely frozen!

What do you do?

Winter will be here soon and this is a problem—especially for we Midwesterners—that will surely rear its head again. But this winter, let’s be prepared. Check out 4 DIY Ways to Open Frozen Car Doors.

DIY Way #1 – Apply Pressure.

Sometimes, pushing on your car door with as much pressure as you can will break the ice around your car door’s seal.

DIY Way #2 - De-Ice.

Auto de-icers contain chemicals that help melt away ice. We like this one! Spraying it on your frozen car door handle just might do the trick. The thickness of the ice will determine how long it will take the ice to melt. (Bonus Tip: windshield washer fluid also works!)

DIY Way #3 - Chip Away.

Using an ice scraper or small hand tool to break the ice is another option.

DIY Way #4 - Blow Hot Air.

Set your hair dryer on high and aim it at the frozen door handle. (Bonus Tip: using a battery-operated hair dryer is more convenient!)

Bonus Tips for Prevention:

Following these tips will help prevent your car doors from freezing. (Remember, it is not the metal on your car that freezes, but the rubber gaskets or weather stripping along your car’s door frame that does.) 

  1. Spray de-icer on the car before the freeze hits.
  2. Spray door locks with graphite lock lubricant.
  3. Inspect rubber gaskets for tears and replace if necessary.
  4. Spray every rubber gasket around the car door frames with an oil-based cooking spray.
  5. Use a car cover.
  6. Clean road debris from car frame.
  7. Cover your door with a sheet of cardboard.

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