Kick Off The New Year With A Bang!

Each new year presents an opportunity to start fresh, determine new goals, and set yourself up for success! Make sure 2017 is an awesome year by following these kick-off tips!

Refresh Your Mind

Before you dive head first into the New Year by trying to tackle everything on your to-do list, give yourself an opportunity to reset your mind and ease your stress. The holidays, while enjoyable, can be a busy, hectic time without much rest involved. If possible, take a long weekend or even just one day to completely remove yourself from work and chaos. Do something you truly enjoy. Read a book, have a movie marathon, take a hike or fishing trip (or both!), treat yourself to a day at the spa…anything to reset and refresh your mind to focus on next year’s goals.

Declutter & Organize

For many, the end of the year brings a frenzy of budgeting, strategizing, planning, and wrapping up. All of these tasks can lead to quite the clutter on your desk, inbox, and, frankly, your mind. Do yourself a favor before the New Year kicks into full swing by going through the stacks of papers and emails that are piled up and purge anything you don’t need. File away things you do need by organizing into physical or digital folders. Use some sort of logical labeling method so you can easily find things if needed. Remember to recycle where applicable, and if you’re purging sensitive content, make sure to shred before disposal. Getting your desk and computer back to a clean, organized, and manageable state will ensure that you have a fresh start in the New Year.

Set Goals (or a Theme) for the Year

Whether you come up with very specific goals you’re shooting for or just an overall theme to be mindful of in the New Year, decide on something to strive for. Coming up with some sort of “plan” will help to guide you and keep you on the right path. Keep in mind that as the year progresses, your focuses might shift as well, and this is totally normal and healthy. The logic behind setting some sort of goal or overall theme is just to keep you focused on something so you can always work at it, improve in some way, and evaluate your success.

Refresh Your Space

Another perfect way to kick off a new year is by making sure your space is clean, healthy, and smelling wonderful! Having a spruced up home or office (or both) will partner beautifully with your newly cleared and rejuvenated mind. Your refreshed surroundings will help to foster productivity, motivation, and success in the New Year!

Prioritize Your Health

If you’ve ever set foot in a fitness center during the month of January, you know that they’re packed full of folks whose New Year’s resolutions are to get in shape. However, while the crowds tend to trickle off by mid-February, it’s important not to be among the “resolutioners” that bail on their health goals early in the year. Ease into your health and fitness routine so it doesn’t fade out quickly. Don’t bite off more than you can chew (figuratively and literally) – just be mindful and make smart choices that will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the New Year. And if you slip up, like we all do when stress (or the holidays) kicks in, take a moment to indulge, and then work hard to get back into your healthy habits.


The best version of you, both personally and professionally, will come from being clear of mind, organized, focused, refreshed, and healthy. We hope these tips are helpful in achieving a successful 2017!


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Bob Tousignant wrote on January 4th, 2017 01:01:17pm
Well spoken!