Carpet Warranties: What You Need To Know

You thought that regular vacuuming and cleaning your carpets was sufficient, but it turns out that unless you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, many carpet companies will not honor your carpet’s warranty.

Bummer, isn’t it?

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According to Carpet USA, most carpet warranties have strict rules about carpet care and if they are not followed, the warranty is void.

Understanding the terms of your carpet warranty will not only ensure the life of your carpet, but it will also save you money in the long run. Depending on the style and texture, replacing carpet can get pricey. So, let’s see if we can save you a little time and money by exploring what you need to know about carpet warranties.


There are basically 3 types of carpet warranties; wear, stain and texture.


Many carpet manufacturers will offer a 10-Year Wear Warranty, but “wear” is relative to the manufacturer’s definition. Typically, a 10 percent carpet fiber loss over 10 years is expected and carpet mills are not obligated to replace more than that. Mill’s rarely replace entire carpets under wear warranties.


Stain warranties are likely to be offered with a lifetime guarantee, but these warranties are extremely limited. They typically will not cover stains from pets, oil, or ink (any non-food or beverage stain); food stains that contains colored dyes like mustard or herbal tea; stains that result from substances that can permanently change the carpet’s color, bleach for example; or stains from vomit, urine, and feces.


Surprise-surprise, these warranties have limitations too. Texture warranties refers to the carpet’s texture retention. If your carpet comes with a texture warranty, chances are it is better constructed than most carpets. If a carpet pile that has been crushed or flattened can be restored within a percentage of the original height, a claim cannot be accepted. According to Carpet USA, using hot water extraction–like that of a professional carpet cleaning company–and a pile rake can usually restore pile height and uphold most warranties.

Always Read the Fine Print

This is general information that may apply to most carpet warranties, but it is important to always check your warranty to specific instructions and information. Most manufactures require that your carpet be installed, cared for and cleaned according to their standards. Knowing this will save you a headache if you ever find yourself in need of carpet replacement.

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