Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide | A Guide for the Home

How to clean your home with hydrogen peroxide by Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

When was the last time you broke out that bottle of hydrogen peroxide to clean up something other than a scraped knee? Never? Well, you’re not alone; when it comes to the multiple uses of hydrogen peroxide, most homeowners are clueless. Surely you know by now that we've got a passion for simplifying the home cleaning process, right? Here at Woodard, we’re all about tackling life’s little messes the all-natural way – which is why we’re sharing these awesome tips on cleaning with hydrogen peroxide! Read on for 4 ways to clean your home with hydrogen peroxide.

Banish Cutting Board Bacteria

Nothing says “Tuscan chic” like a rich wood cutting board in the kitchen – they’re luxurious and beautiful. What you may not know about that gorgeous wooden cutting board is that it is riddled with hidden germs and bacteria – germs and bacteria that are just itching to make their way into your fresh fruits and veggies. To keep your foods healthy and your cutting board clean, count on hydrogen peroxide. After using your cutting board, rinse it thoroughly with warm water in your kitchen sink, then pour a liberal amount of hydrogen peroxide over the top to kill salmonella and bacteria. Remember: to prevent mold growth, be sure to dry the board completely before storing.

Give Your Toothbrush the VIP Treatment

Between bodily fluids, hair, and dirty towels, a lot of unpleasantness goes down in the bathroom. You clean your bathroom regularly, sure – but what about the contents inside of it? Of course you clean your floor mats, tub, and toilet, but we’re thinking on a smaller scale here. Think about your toothbrush for a moment: when was the last time you cleaned it? At least twice a day your toothbrush finds its way into your mouth – which means any germs or bacteria that are living on it, are now living in you; take a few minutes tonight to detox your toothbrush. Create a mixture with equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide and give your toothbrush a dip. In seconds, the bacteria and live viruses will vanish!

So Long, Sweat Stains

Face it, sweat happens. As if excessive sweating wasn't bad enough, those lovely yellow sweat stains certainly don’t make the whole process any less embarrassing. Before you toss those yellow-arm-pitted-shirts, try this all-natural cleaning technique: mix one-part dishwashing liquid with two-parts hydrogen peroxide, and pour the mixture over the yellowed area. Allow the mixture to sit on the stain for about 90-minutes, then rinse it away with cold water. If you’re dealing with some seriously out-of-control sweat stains, you may have to repeat the process to get the full effect.

Scrub-Free Toilet Cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide is the Queen of hands-free toilet cleaning and sanitizing. When focusing on your toilet during your weekly bathroom cleaning routine, skip the harsh cleaning chemicals and grab the hydrogen peroxide. Simply pour about ½ a cup into the bowl, let it sit for about an hour, then flush it and forget it! The hydrogen peroxide packs a mean punch to banish bacteria, while leaving your bowl sparkling.