“One Woodard” Employee Training: Rug Plant

woodard employeeHi! I’m Jessica Burgett, Woodard’s new Marketing Coordinator. I’m thrilled to join the ranks of this wonderful team of people, and I’m very excited to share my One Woodard training experience with you. In my first day of orientation, I was told that all new employees – technicians, part of the administrative team, or any position in between – would go through the “One Woodard” training program. This program allows all new team members to spend a significant amount of time in our Woodard facilities or on a job site, observing our technicians at work. Personally, I think this is totally cool and such a smart process for any company to implement. I share Woodard’s belief that employees should know as much about their company as possible, regardless of their job function, in order to do their jobs successfully, completely, and provide the absolute best service.

Now that you have the background on One Woodard, I’d love to share my first day of training with you…

The Rug Plant

woodard facilities

In case you don’t already know about Woodard’s history, we were founded in 1946 by Earl and Nancy Woodard as a carpet and rug cleaning company, and now we offer a whole gamut of cleaning and restoration services.   

I spent the day with Phil, a 16+ year Woodard veteran, who walked me through the entire rug cleaning & repairing/altering process from start to finish.

woodard facilities 2When you bring your rugs in for service (or they’re dropped off by our pick-up/drop-off service), they go through a 10-step cleaning process, starting with a careful inspection, noting any special circumstances or problem areas – stains, tears, fraying, etc. – and discussing the current condition of the rug with its owner. Then, it’s off to the appropriate cleaning or repair process!

  1. The nature of your rug and its condition dictates the process we put it through: very fragile rugs may be cared for entirely by hand in a flat process cleaning if necessary and dried in a low – or no – heat environment to protect its delicacy. Rugs that can withstand a little more pressure are cleaned with our MOR Rug Cleaning Machine (the only one in St. Louis!) and dried in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled drying room that can reach temperatures up to 138 degrees! Any spots that need a little extra cleaning are handled by our staff as necessary, and intense odors can now be removed from any rugs that are able to be placed in our new decontamination tanks. Say goodbye to pet fumes!Moore rug cleaning machine
  2. If your rug needs repaired, these can be done by hand or with specialized equipment, all overseen by Tammy, a 40 year veteran seamstress with two Master Rug Cleaning classes under her distinguished belt. Repairs and alterations may include fixing frayed edges, adding, replacing, or removing fringe, adding color back into your rug, fixing tears and holes, and more.
  3. Once your item completes the cleaning/drying process, we inspect it again to make sure there is no remaining damage and that item is cleaned to our (and your) highest standards.

Woodard facilities 3Right next door to our rug plant, we have a location for cleaning upholstery such as furniture, cushions, and patio umbrellas, all done by a 46 year Woodard veteran named Rich Parrott. We can even clean and then store your patio cushions for you in the off-season! Please bear in mind that any outdoor furniture that has developed mold or mildew spots cannot be fully cleaned as these spots are permanent. 

The staff in our rug plant is extremely well-versed in this trade and are the very best at identifying, treating, and preserving your favorite rugs. It was quite an impressive sight watching them at work and I hope you’ll join me for my next One Woodard experience soon!

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