How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites by Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

Keep your family protected by minimizing dust mites in your home with these tips on how to get rid of dust mites.

Sure, you’ve heard us preach about the dangers of dust mites before, but have you done anything about it? With as many as 100,000 dust mites on every square yard of carpeting, this can quickly become a serious health issue, not to mention, a nightmare for those with allergies.

Tips for eliminating Dust Mites

Consider this your how-to guide for demolishing dust mites! Use the tips below for every room in your home.

Tip #1: Monitor Humidity

Dust mites are drawn to warm, humid spaces. If you live in a humid environment, you’ll need to lower your humidity levels to 55% or lower. To do this effectively, you may way to purchase a dehumidifier. Also, if you can help it, don’t place carpets or rugs in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or other high-humidity areas.

Tip #2: Opt for High-Efficiency Vacuum Bags

Another way to demolish dust mites is by using high-efficiency filter bags in your vacuum cleaner. Not only do high-efficiency filter bags help to control dust mite problems, but they make vacuuming more effective as well!

Tip #3: Choose Leather Furniture

While that super-plush sofa and micro-fiber ottoman may scream comfort, they also act as dust mite magnets. Unlike cloth upholstered furniture, leather furniture isn’t conducive to dust mites; keep that in mind the next time you go furniture shopping!

Tip #4: Replace Your Furnace Filter

This next tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a common household chore that is often forgotten or neglected: changing the furnace filter. Regularly changing your furnace filter is a simple, and low cost, way to keep the air fresh and clean and dust mites at bay.

Tip #5: Regularly Clean Carpets, Rugs & Furniture

Since rugs, carpets, and furniture harbor dust mites, professional cleaning services should be scheduled on a seasonal basis. In-between professional cleanings, take things into your own hands.

Tip #6: Wash Bedding Weekly

Prepare yourself for this skin crawling statistic: Typical mattresses can harbor between 100,000 to ten million dust mites! With that being said, we recommend washing your bedding in hot water (130 degrees F, or higher) on a weekly basis. Now we know where the term “don’t let the bed bugs bite” came from!

Additional Assistance

Hopefully these tips helped you learn how to get rid of dust mites and will keep your home free of dust mites for many years to come! However, if you continue to have dust mite issues even after following these steps, you might have a serious problem on your hands. In that case, do not hesitate to call us at 314-227-3938, and we'll help you out!