Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Tops GuildQuality Performance Charts

Woodard vs. GuildQuality historical averages

In 2012, St. Louis’ premier cleaning and restoration company, Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services, partnered with GuildQuality to enhance their continuous improvement goals, while gaining a better understanding of how their customers define “satisfaction.”

About GuildQuality

As the leading independent customer satisfaction surveying company for the residential construction industry, GuildQuality utilizes highly-specific measures when generating customer feedback, such as cleanliness, safety, and quality of materials. By providing businesses, such as Woodard, with detailed data and in-depth analyses, they are given a stable platform not only for measuring success, but for defining it as well.

Topping the Charts

Since establishing their partnership only one year ago, Woodard has topped the GuildQuality performance charts in nearly every category, outshining average metrics achieved by peers in the industry. Additionally, in only one short year, Woodard’s overall performance score has jumped from an already stellar 92 percent to a chart-topping 99 percent.

Nothing drives our team more than valuable feedback and goal setting,” said Dave Christoff, Woodard’s Vice President of Business Development. “Since 1946, Woodard has been, and always will be, a company that thrives on continuous improvement.”

While Woodard Cleaning scored in the 90th percentile in nearly every category, they achieved maximum success in scoring 100% in the categories of sales knowledge and the qualityof their installation crews. Other areas to note include scores of 97% and higher in the areas of scheduling, cleanliness, safety, and overall satisfaction.

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