How to Clean Hard to Reach Places

How to Clean Hard to Reach Places by Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

Whether you’re searching in crevices and corners or nooks and crannies, you’re bound to find a clustering of dust, dirt, and debris. In an attempt to simplify the process of cleaning those “out of sight, out of mind” spots, we’ve compiled a list of the most neglected nooks in your home. Read on for expert tips on how to clean hard to reach places in your home.


When it comes to cleaning your ceilings, we can’t stress the importance of safety enough. Never climb on top of stacked objects, kitchen tables, or chairs to reach the ceiling – instead, invest in a steady step ladder. Once you’re safely elevated, grab a microfiber cleaning cloth and scour ever corner and crevice for cob webs. If you’re still having trouble reaching the corners, try using a vacuum cleaner attachment to suck up the mess with ease. While you’re up there, it might be a good idea to banish the dust on your ceiling fan blades and crown molding.


When cleaning the kitchen, we focus on things like the countertops, floors, and sink, but somehow seem to always look past the cabinetry. Why is that? While we don’t have a great answer to that question, we do have a great cleaning solution for the top and front of your cabinetry. First things first, you’ll need to grab your step ladder (skip a trip to the emergency room by refraining from standing on your countertops). Start by dusting the top of your cabinets, then move down to the faces of the cabinet doors. Even though your cabinets may not look dirty on the surface, we guarantee your cleaning cloth will tell a different story after the job is complete.


You know that panic-mode feeling that strikes when your air conditioning system breaks? Well, if you've never cleaned the crawl space in your attic, that service technician you just called is going to share those same panicky feelings. Try this: once a year, bite the bullet and crawl through your attic to take care of a few maintenance musts, noting things like rodents, lose insulation, leaks, and water damage.  Immediately after, make note of anything that could be dangerous or problematic; if needed, call a professional to assist.

Base Boards & Trim

Think about your cleaning routine: how often do you take the time to clean the trim around your doorways or the baseboards around your carpet and tile? If you’re like most homeowners, the process probably slipped your mind completely! While it is true that dusty trim and baseboards are a never ending battle, cleaning them regularly will help to prevent dust from settling overtime.

Behind the Toilet

A new survey by Handybook, a real-time booking service that allows consumers to instantly book cleaning and handyman services, revealed that 57% of homeowners rank bathroom cleaning as their most dreaded housekeeping task. With stats like those, it is no surprise that the area behind the toilet is downright filthy! You scrub the toilet bowl and seat on a regular basis, but anything more than that is just wishful thinking, right? Well, consider this: by skipping out on this cleaning process, you’re not only welcoming mold and mildew to invade your space, you’re encouraging it. Try using a stiff broom to sweep the flooring behind the toilet, then thoroughly wipe it down with an antibacterial cleaner. When done regularly, cleaning the area behind your toilet is a five-minute job, tops.

Behind The Refrigerator

At this very moment, if you examined the area behind your refrigerator, what would you find? Chances are, it wouldn't be pretty. The area behind the refrigerator is a common hotspot for everything imaginable to gather, including crumbs, dust, and old food particles. Every season, take a few extra minutes to pull your refrigerator away from the wall to sweep and scrub the floor. Warning: If you've never cleaned the area behind the fridge at your house, or if it has been years since you did it last, prepare yourself for a messy situation.

Under the Sofa

Grab someone strong to help you move the sofa – it’s definitely a two person job! Once you've gotten the sofa away from the wall, vacuum the area thoroughly, then check the carpet for stains. If stains are present, and your DIY cleaning remedies aren't doing the trick, call a professional carpet cleaning company to assist.

Behind Computers & Entertainment Centers

Think about that huge cluster of wires and cables that hangs behind your television, computer, and sound system. Now, think about the last time you've cleaned them. You’re probably thinking we’re crazy for suggesting that you clean wires behind your television, but as a fire restoration company, we've seen our fair share of house fires – some of which started as a result of dusty cables and wires. Every couple of weeks, unplug the television and computer, and wipe everything down with a dry dusting cloth; this is a five-minute job that could save your life.