How to Deodorize Your Home | 4 Simple Techniques

4 ways to deodorize your home by Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

Home is where the heart is, sure – but it’s also where the stink lives. Sadly, odors follow us everywhere, but really have a thing for infesting our homes. With our professional cleaning services, we also offer full-service deodorizing treatments for stinky carpets, rugs, and furniture, but what can you do to de-stink the other areas of your home? Read on to learn how to deodorize your home, and say “so long” to pesky odors.

Odor-Filled Trash Cans

Do you hold your breath when tossing the garbage? If you do, you’re not alone; most homeowners have never cleaned and sanitized their trash cans. To get rid of that awful garbage smell, you've got to do some serious cleaning. Don’t worry, cleaning your trash can is a fairly easy job that only requires about 15 minutes of time, a garden hose, some homemade disinfectant spray, and a few rags. Click here to read our complete trash can cleaning and sanitizing tutorial.

Raunchy Refrigerators

It’s easy to blame a stinky refrigerator on last week’s forgotten leftovers, but the culprit could be something more. Take a look inside your veggie drawer – do you see any moldy fruits, brown lettuce, or rotting cheese? If so, you've got a bigger problem on your hands than a harsh odor; click here to read up on how to thoroughly clean the veggie drawer or fruit crisper in your refrigerator. Cleaning your veggie drawer (and keeping it clean) is the best way to keep odors at bay, and hidden bacteria out of your favorite foods.

Gross Garbage Disposals

Sure, you clean your sink all the time, but what about your garbage disposal? This is just another part of the kitchen cleaning process that is often overlooked because it is hidden. Take a moment to think about everything that gets eaten up by your garbage disposal – if not regularly cleaned, your kitchen will slowly begin to smell like a delightful mixture of old pasta, fruit, and leftover takeout. We've got a quick and easy all-natural cleaning solution for garbage disposals that you’re sure to love; click here to learn more.

Stinky Shoes

Whether you've got the stinky feet in the family, or your spouse and children are to blame, it’s crucial to get that obnoxious odor under control. There are lots of ways to get of odors found in shoes but we've got a few favorites for you to try:

  • Kitty Litter: Think about it – it works wonders on eliminating those unpleasant odors that Mr. Whiskerson leaves behind, so why wouldn't it take care of your stinky shoe situation? Try placing a bowl of kitty litter next to the offending shoes and let the bowl sit overnight. In the morning, be prepared to slip your feet into freshness!
  • Tea Bags: Place a tea bag inside each shoe, and allow it to sit overnight – the tea absorbs the odors so that your nostrils don’t have to! We’d strongly suggest tossing the tea bag after deodorizing, unless, of course, you've got a craving for foot flavored tea.
  • Fresh Fruit Peels: Citrus fruit is delicious and handy! To send odors packing, place an orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peel inside shoes and allow it to sit overnight. In addition to simply deodorizing, the essential oils in the fruit peels leave behind a great smell!