How to Go Green and Save Green at Woodard Cleaning and Restoration

Cleaner, Greener, Drier

In today’s eco-friendly world, businesses are looking for ways to better manage natural resources, while reducing their carbon footprint on the environment. In our little corner of the world, Woodard has developed programs and partnerships to assist in "mission earth." Besides simply being the right thing to do, our green cleaning practices are designed to benefit your business as well. Read on to learn more on how to go green and save green with Woodard!

LEED Certification

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings and communities, from design, construction, maintenance and operation. LEED recognizes best-in-class strategies in the building industry, and awards "points" for projects reaching various levels of achievement. This Certification is attractive to builders and building operators, as it provides numerous environmental benefits, as well as the ability to lower operation costs, increase asset value, and qualify for tax rebates or zoning allowances.

For buildings and businesses, attaining a LEED Certification shows that you’re taking responsibility for your impact on the earth, and are dedicated to utilizing sustainable “green” buildings and development practices; the Woodard team assists with LEED Certification.

While each LEED program utilizes a different scale with varied input factors, our Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Equipment Policy not only assists in creating a healthier workplace environment for employees, but with the progression of several programs initiatives, including:

  • Enhanced Energy Conservation
  • Reduced Water Use
  • Re-purposing Building Materials, Resources & Spaces
  • Integration of Sustainable Cleaning Products & Materials
  • Implementation of Green Cleaning Techniques

Thinking about applying for or attaining a LEED certification for your business? Find out how Woodard can assist you in earning certification points, by contacting a Woodard Account Manager at 314-227-3938.

Cleaner, Greener, Drier

At Woodard, our commitment to the environment goes even further, as we’ve developed the first earth-friendly cleaning system in the St. Louis area. Our Cleaner, Greener & Drier cleaning process uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s "Design for the Environment" program, and has gained the seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute. Cleaner, Greener & Drier is safe for carpets, effective for deep thorough cleaning, and exceeds warranty requirements. Plus, it’s super convenient, as our fast drying services enable you to get into rooms faster than ever before.

Good for the environment, good for you. Sounds like a win, win, right? We thought so too. Call our client services team at 314-961-9102 to find out more about our Cleaner, Greener & Drier cleaning process.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Programs

Since we’re on the subject of being green, let’s talking about saving some green! Did you know you can save thousands of dollars in early carpet replacement costs with a commercial maintenance program? All major carpet mills agree: With professional maintenance, carpet looks better and lasts longer. Keeping your carpet fresh with a regular cleaning schedule lengthens its life and saves you lots of money on replacement costs. On the flip side, carpet that’s only cleaned sporadically (like when you notice it’s really getting dirty) will fail to maintain a consistent appearance and will break down much faster.

At Woodard, carpet is the foundation of our business. We’re well-versed in creating maintenance programs that reflect the individual needs of your facility. We’ll take a look at traffic patterns, life stages of the carpeting, appearance standards of your overall facility, and discuss your budget to propose a customized treatment program that’s best for you. What’s more, we can do the same for your office furniture, cubicle panels, and wall fabric.

With Woodard there are no strings attached and no contractual obligations. We also have more IICRC Certified Technicians than any other cleaning company in St. Louis. Call us now to learn more about how to go green!