Protecting Your School & Students Against Infectious Diseases  

The Problem: A school building is a breeding ground for germs – influenza, common cold, norovirus, and much more! But, what happens when infectious diseases and pathogens take over your school and infect your staff and students? Teachers and staff are unable to ensure that the school runs at its highest capacity and students are missing valuable time in the classroom. It’s simply a lose-lose-lose for everyone involved.

What do you do? First instinct is to grab a bucket of bleach water and to start scrubbing! Unfortunately, this exhausting, time-consuming process is not the most effective way to disinfect your school.

Due to the nature of human error, it’s nearly impossible to scrub every single spot of an affected area. Think about the space between where a plastic chair meets the metal legs, that corner in the back of a student’s desk, the metal part you push up to open your locker… As a result, a bleach-based cleaning solution or any other type of cleaning method that requires wiping a surface down, is just not going to disinfect properly. There are millions of spots in your school for pathogens to call their home and the amount of time and effort it would require to hand wash everything is not cost-effective or productive.

The Solution: nVIRO Shield®! When using nVIRO Shield® you are reducing the chances of an infectious disease infecting your community. nVIRO Shield® is able to fully cover chairs, desks, and lockers – even in the spots you can’t reach!


Curious about how our nVIRO Shield® system works?

Woodard’s nVIRO Shield® product contains 3 disinfecting agents:

  • A photocatalytic protective sealant that protects all treated surfaces and is long-lasting and high-binding. The photocatalytic nature of this agent means that each time light is introduced in the environment, this product continues to kill bacteria, for up to 3 months.
  • A broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer, composed of silver and citric acid
  • A disinfectant specifically formulated to control Clostridium Difficile spores

The system is applied using an electrostatic mister, which lightly coats every surface in an environment with these protective agents, killing bacteria immediately and providing residual protection. Within minutes (if treating a few hundred square feet) or hours (if treating several thousand square feet), an entire area can be treated. The agents have a light citrus smell to them, are completely safe for humans and pets, and can be used to treat against all pathogens, including those that are resistant to antibiotics. This is a cost-effective way to protect your space - in no time at all we can spray every square inch of your building, killing all pathogens and leaving you to focus on the important things!


If you're interested in learning more about the Woodard nVIRO Shield® system or would like to schedule a treatment for your school, complete our inquiry form or call 314-227-7077!

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