“One Woodard” Employee Training – Claims Management & Commercial Customer Service Teams

Hello! In light of all of the recent flooding in St. Louis, it seems only appropriate to share the magic I experienced on my seventh day of One Woodard training with our Claims and Commercial Customer Service Teams. These are the backbones of our Project Management and Sales departments, and are the support system behind any cleaning, water & fire mitigation, and restoration services you may need. By working together to ensure a seamless, painless, and worry-free process, these teams leave our customers with peace of mind that all of their needs are being tended to professionally, with top expertise, and by certified technicians.

Claims Management Team

This department is the support system for our Project Managers. Our PMs are the face of any property loss you have – they’re the contact you’ll have checking on the progress of your job at any given time. They’re the experts in all things restoration/mitigation, and will make sure your job is completed flawlessly. Our Project Managers handle multiple jobs at any given time, however, so they rely heavily on our Claims Management department for documentation and communication. Our Claims team can work directly with your insurance adjuster/agent on all of the coverage intricacies of your claim so you don’t have to worry about a thing, and they are the direct contact for any payment inquiries on your claim. This team also utilizes a tool called Xactimate, that is widely used in our industry to develop pricing on all aspects of a loss in accordance with insurance adjusters. The Claims representatives will make sure the appropriate technicians are on your job site as needed, and will work with our Dispatch department to coordinate scheduling in the most efficient way possible to restore your surroundings quickly and beautifully. This department’s end goal is to allow you to rest assured knowing that your loss is being handled by the best resources in St. Louis!

During my training with this department, I sat in amazement as I watched each of our Claims Management Representatives handle multiple claims at once, communicating back and forth with their PMs and insurance agents/adjusters, completing various stages of documentation in our database, creating and updating digital files with new photos and information, managing payments, and all around being complete rock stars at what they do. And here I thought my job required a lot of organization and multi-tasking!

Commercial Customer Service Team

This team assists our Account Management and production crews by handling the cleaning, maintenance, and disaster planning details of our commercial clients. They facilitate the complex maintenance programs many of our commercial clients have, by using our proprietary software that manages each client’s cleaning frequencies, details high and low traffic areas, and highlights specific needs and expectations of each client. Our Commercial team works directly alongside our Account Managers to ensure that all commercial clients receive the proper care, pricing, and quality they deserve, and they work with our Dispatch department to coordinate the schedules of our production team to accommodate the scope of each job. This team also supports the Account Managers by documenting and creating digital files of our clients’ PREP programs. The Proactive Restoration Emergency Preparedness (PREP) program is a customized disaster planning protocol for commercial clients that is web-based for easy access and provides security encryption to protect customer data. This program provides all of the resources a client may need in the event of an emergency – a map detailing their facility’s key points of interest, a priority contact list, and other vital pieces of information – all wrapped up in one simple web-accessible platform.

I work fairly closely with the Commercial Sales and Customer Service teams, and really, truly appreciate all they do for our clients. Their dedication to providing exceptional service and addressing every single need is unmatched.

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