“One Woodard” Employee Training – Commercial Cleaning

Woodard van with hot water extraction equipment

Muki using our Cimex machine to “polish” our carpets.Day 4 of my “One Woodard” training was spent with our evening commercial location cleaning crew on a job in Bridgeton, MO.  This is a long-time client who specifically requested to have Muki, one of our esteemed Crew Chiefs, as their technician because of the great work he’s done for them in the past. As you can imagine, our techs love being requested! It allows them to continue building rapport with clients, further maintaining their satisfaction and trust in Woodard. In fact, our contact told me that, “[She] wouldn’t let anyone else clean these carpets. Or [her] carpets at home for that matter!”


Tom using our truck-mounted extraction method.While residential jobs follow a 12-step process, most commercial jobs are 10-steps because they are done after-hours and don’t usually allow for pre-inspection and final walk-through with property management. This job, however, was a bit different, as our contact was on site during the entire process. When we first arrived, Muki, his Associate Abe, and I went in to greet our contact and she walked us around to point out heavily-trafficked areas, known stains, and other spots for us to work on. Then, we got to work!

Our Operations Manager, Tom, met us on site with a second vehicle, so we were able to employ our truck-mounted hot water extraction system as well as a portable cleaning system, allowing us to do the job quickly and efficiently, especially since there were 4 of us on site! Before we could begin our coined extraction method, we vacuumed the facility and applied a pre-treatment spray, formulated to loosen dirt for the cleanest carpets possible.

Abe loading up our portable cleaning system with waterOnce every inch of carpeting had been vacuumed and pre-treated, Tom used the truck-mounted system to extract each room on one side of the building while Abe used the portable system to extract from the other side. Muki followed behind them using our state-of-the-art Cimex carpet scrubbing machine, used on heavily-soiled/high-trafficked areas to help blend carpet back together after extraction. We also use a foam solution in the Cimex that essentially crystallizes inside the carpet, which adds significant additional shine and brightness after it is vacuumed again. (Muki couldn’t stop raving about this machine! He said he loves the way it makes the carpets look.)

This client also requested that we clean their area mats, and we were happy to do so. Both of our extraction methods are able to clean these types of mats on-site.

Before and after carpet cleaningA short while later, once the carpets were bright and renewed, we went back through every square inch to apply Scotchgard protector. Finally, Muki and our property contact did a final walk-through and she was beyond pleased with our work!

I really enjoyed my time with the commercial crew and now I feel like an expert in both residential and commercial carpet cleaning! My next One Woodard training day will be with Marvin, one of our Project Managers. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I learn with you next week!

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