“One Woodard” Employee Training: Fire Mitigation Crew

We cleaned everything in this room of the basement with a deodorizing cleanerDay 6 of my One Woodard training was spent with our fire crew in Town & Country on a job where a set of two attached villas was struck by lightning causing fire damage. Of the two villas, one had a significant amount of damage resulting in the entire ceiling and roof needing to be replaced and all contents packed up, removed, and cleaned. The other villa (the one I was working in) was a lot more fortunate. Their patio furniture and one room in the basement needed a bit of cleaning to remove the smoke smell and very light soot, so we were able to remedy this for them quickly, meeting their time frame with limited interruption to their daily lives. The odd thing to me was that this was the only room that really had any of the smoke smell, but, in my opinion, it just seemed too far away from the source of the fire for this to make sense! I found out from this job’s project manager, Marvin, that since the two villas are attached, there is a high probability of both units sharing piping, walls, or other structural components that would allow the smoke to pass more freely between them. Unfortunately, this means that even though the smell was much fainter when we finished, it wouldn’t be gone completely until the repairs next door were done and the smoke odor was completely remedied in that unit.

We packed up most of this room in the residents’ basement so our restoration team could cut into that sheet of drywall to investigate the root of the smoke furtherTina was our acting crew chief for the day and she was AWESOME! This lady definitely knows her stuff and taught me the fire mitigation process from start to finish. Here is an outline of our capabilities, should you ever face a fire loss:

  1. We can immediately secure your premise by boarding up windows and doors and tarping your roof.
  2. We provide structure & contents cleaning to remove soot and odor from your facility and belongings. Depending on the surface we’re cleaning, we’ll use either a wet or dry wash method so we get the items as clean as they were before the fire without causing further damage. Not only can we work hard to remove soot, we’ll also use a deodorization product that helps to eliminate the smoke smell.
  3. If items need to be removed from the home for storage, cleaning, preservation, or restoration, we will pack up the entire facility and transport your belongings to our state-of-the-art ContentCare Center where our crew will get to work on returning your contents to pre-loss condition. We have ozone rooms we can place your items in to deodorize, all sorts of specialized cleaning equipment and processes in our cleaning center, and secured storage locations for your contents while your home or business is being restored.
  4. Since water is used the majority of the time to put fires out, we can also perform complete water mitigation services.
  5. We offer complete facility restoration following a fire loss. We can tear down the damaged structure and completely rebuild from the ground up if necessary. We use both internal and contracted specialists in every area of restoration to bring a structure back to life after a loss.

The hard work our fire team puts in is remarkable – they will clean anything from your walls to your nuts and bolts in an attempt to remove the smoke smell and residue quickly to get you back on your feet following a loss.

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