“One Woodard” Employee Training – Project Management

Hello! For day 5 of my One Woodard training, I had the immense pleasure of riding around with one of our esteemed Project Managers, Marvin. Marvin has been with Woodard for over 6 years, and is the brainchild behind our newest service line, Construction! Marvin has a long personal and family history in the construction/restoration industry, and came to Woodard with the plan to bring this value-add to our clients. We’re so thankful he did, because it has completely transformed our business for the better!

House #1 – Complete second story rebuild. It looks so good!Marvin planned our day around traveling from job site to job site checking on their progress. We visited 5 jobs in between South County, MO and Belleville, IL all with various scopes of work and at various points of completion. The first job, for example, was a home in Ballwin, MO that is scheduled to be finished on May 20th. This job had a complete second floor rebuild due to a fire loss, and had a few additional cosmetic changes on the first floor as well. Let me tell you, it looks beautiful! It is incredible what our team is able to do after so much destruction. I’m really excited for this family to move back in soon!

The second job we visited was quite the shock for me. I know that most of our reconstruction jobs are after fire losses, but I have never seen a fire’s destruction up this close! This home suffered complete damage to its backside and partial damage to its roof and both sides…all from one cigarette that wasn’t put out completely on the back porch. How scary! Please be careful when dealing with fire hazards around your home.

We’re so thankful our customers were safe!For this job check, we had two meetings – one with our flooring partner to discuss how to restore this home’s floors back to beautiful, and one with the homeowner’s insurance adjuster to make sure our scope and their estimate matched up. We should be starting on this job soon, and this will be done completely according to the insurance estimate, without any additional out of pocket work.

Something I noted from this visit is that water damage is an obvious result of fighting any fire, so above and beyond fire restoration, we will likely need to do some sort of water mitigation as well. The good news is that, in general, all damage resulting from the fire would be covered under one claim. However, we do recommend that you go over policy coverage specifics with your insurance agent or adjuster just to have further clarification.

Visit #3 was at a retirement home in South County. We’re making great progress on this job, but still have a bit further to go. A water pipe busted on the upper floor of this facility, leading to water EVERYWHERE and several of the residents’ apartments needed to be completely rebuilt, along with their rec room, reception area, and more. Thankfully, all residents were safe during this disaster, but everyone is definitely ready to get their facility back to normal. Our team has done a great job making all repairs thus far, and just have a few more cosmetic touch ups to complete. The staff was really thankful that we worked especially hard to get their rec room back in order just before their Mother’s Day brunch took place!

Stop #4 – If you’re like me, you can’t quite visualize how this will look when finished, but Marvin guarantees it will be beautiful and I have no doubt about that!Stop #4 was in Belleville, IL at a home we are completely rebuilding from the ground up after a fire destroyed a portion of it earlier this year. The homeowners saw this as a great opportunity to finally create their dream home, and we’re happy to be able to give it to them! Since this was the very first unfinished home I’d ever set foot in, I really wasn’t able to visualize how it was going to look when finished, but Marvin explained the layout to me and I really am excited to see this one finished! The homeowner has been really involved in this rebuild and when Marvin stepped away for a second to grab siding samples from his truck, he couldn’t stop exclaiming how great Marvin is at his job. I believe his exact words were, “you won’t find another like him…” That’s for sure! Marvin is extremely detailed when it comes to the workmanship on his projects. He takes a lot of pride in his work and expects the same out of our contractors. We love that about Marvin!

Our final stop was in downtown St. Louis where Marvin climbed high scaffolding to assess a potential problem his contractors were facing. He’s so diligent in his job that he wanted to see it for himself before making a judgment call! He wants his projects to stick to budget and time promises, so he’ll drop anything he can in order to get to a problem site as soon as possible to clear it up so his crews can move on. That’s devotion!

I asked Marvin to go over their project completion outline for me so I would be able to share:

  1. As soon as a job comes in, Marvin hosts a pre-construction meeting with his superintendents and support team to outline the entire scope, timeline, etc.
  2. Once everyone is on the same page, including the customer, we’re able to start framing a rebuild.
  3. Once the framing is done, we have the customer sign off that everyone is going according to plan.
  4. Next, we do the rough-in for electricity, plumbing, etc., and have the customer sign off that everything is where it’s supposed to be.
  5. Once we have the entire layout finished, we can start drywall, painting, installing cabinetry, and everything else that makes the space beautiful!

We have an amazing Project Management and Superintendent team, and when coupled with our talented subcontractors, we really can boast great work and we’re proud of that. Thank you, Marvin, for teaching me all about what you do and for being an incredible asset to our team!

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