“One Woodard” Employee Training – Water Restoration

Jason - one of our water and location Crew Chiefs, and was my boss for the dayHello, all! As you know, my first day of One Woodard training was in our Rug plant, and I outlined the various processes your rugs will go through when they’re brought in for repair or cleaning. Now, for day two: Water jobs.

My second day of training was spent with a water crew, going on location to two residences facing varying levels of water problems. I arrived at 7:30 A.M., just in time for the Water Crew Chief production meeting, and once that wrapped up I joined forces with Crew Chief Jason and Associate Daron and we took off for our first home of the day. This beautiful, older home in Creve Coeur, MO reported several square feet of wet carpeting and called us to come take a look!

House #1 – Daron is extracting excess water in preparation for putting down our dehumidifier and fan.As soon as we got there, we headed down to the basement to assess the situation. Jason used his moisture probe to check the carpet and drywall in various areas of the basement to determine how much moisture we were dealing with. The homeowners suspected that the water was coming from their chimney/fireplace because the cement in the fireplace was wet, and after finding that both basement sump pumps were in proper working order and that none of the surrounding drywall contained moisture, we confirmed these suspicions. Woodard’s primary focus when it comes to water damage is drying up all wet spaces for our clients, treating for mold and/or bacteria, and providing any necessary cleaning and mitigation to surrounding areas, so we moved all furniture out of the way and got to work. Daron extracted excess water (and several deceased eight-legged friends) from the carpet with a high velocity vacuum, then Jason treated the carpet with an anti-microbial solution to prevent mold growth, and finally we placed a commercial grade dehumidifier and fan in the room to dry all remaining moisture. Before heading back to the office, we brought the homeowners downstairs to go over what we had done and to set up a good time for a Project Manager to stop by in a few days to check on the moisture and, if completely dry, reclaim our equipment.

“Dehu” on the left, fan on the right. These high-powered machines should dry the space up in no time!This was a fairly simple water job in the grand scheme of things, but no job is too small to warrant Woodard’s help! Mold is not something you want your family or employees to be around, so be sure to give us a call at the first sign of water so we can get in, determine the cause of the issue, assist as much as possible with mitigation, and clean everything up for you.

Home #2 was a beautiful, recently remodeled home in St. Charles, MO that faced serious water damage when one of the fresh water valves attached to their kitchen plumbing came undone during a large birthday celebration over the weekend, causing tons of water to rush into their walls and basement through the kitchen floor. Acting quickly, the homeowners borrowed a dehumidifier and fan from a friend in the restoration business, tore up some carpet, removed patches of drywall, and attempted to dry everything up for a few days. By Tuesday morning, they were still sensing moisture in the area, and scheduled for Woodard to come to the rescue!

Jason’s up on the ladder using his moisture sensors to indicate how much water is under the kitchen cabinets.Jason’s moisture sensors detected a significant amount of moisture remaining in the drywall, in the flooring under the kitchen cabinets, and behind the cabinets. The homeowners had already started a claim through their insurance company to take care of the water loss restoration, so Jason called the family’s adjuster and worked out a plan of action to remedy the area. The entire kitchen was recently remodeled and neither the homeowners nor the adjuster wanted to see all of their hard work undone by removing the countertops and cabinets off the bat, so Jason and Daron carefully drilled holes underneath each cabinet and through the back of the cabinets to allow for our fans to reach those cavities in an attempt to completely dry them out. In the basement, we moved all of the family’s belongings out of the damaged space, Daron removed all affected drywall and insulation as well as stained ceiling tiles, I cleaned up the entire area, and we placed a dehumidifier and several fans around the room. Jason drafted the kitchen and basement with Woodard’s digital tool and set up an appointment for our Project Manager to check on the space again in a few days and develop any necessary action plan from there.

A few additional tidbits I learned from my One Woodard training day with the water crew:

Daron’s starting on the drywall removal.1) If you’re present while we’re working on your loss, feel free to ask questions. It’s your space and we’re happy to walk you through our process and provide you with as much knowledge as we have.

2) We may not have the ability to fix the problem that caused your water damage (i.e. defective sump pump, foundation cracks, etc.) - if that’s the case, we can either provide you with referrals that we know and trust, or you can hire whoever you’d like. We’re here to help as much as we can in the process.

3) We are happy to do the heavy lifting for you – if your water loss will be filed as an insurance claim, let us help you through all of this. We’ll call your adjuster to work everything out and partner together to resolve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Opened up, cleaned, and ready for mitigation!4) When we’re at your service, we’re at your service! You don’t have to do a thing – we’ll move your furniture, pull up carpet, tear down drywall, and do everything we can to help. Having unexpected water in your home or office is stressful enough, so let us come in and get to work while you relax. You can trust us with your property and belongings.

Phew! As a Marketing Coordinator, a lot of my position is computer-based so I am certainly not used to being on my feet all day! I admire our technicians for being out and about working hard to meet our clients’ needs day in and day out.

Thanks for following my One Woodard training! My next post will highlight my journey with the residential carpet cleaning crew – stay tuned!

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