Prepare for the Holidays the Woodard Way

Take a look at these holiday tips from your friends at Woodard Cleaning & Restoration!

living room with christmas tree, fireplace, and rocking chair

5 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Holiday Party-Ready

The three keys to the perfect party is delicious food, interesting guests and great location. What can be a better location than your home? Read more.

Paws & Claus: Are Your Pets Ready for the Holidays?

Holiday season is finally here. Soon, family and friends will gather to fellowship and share a meal. You and your home are holiday-party ready, but what about your pets? How much thought have you given to how well your dog or cat will handle your holiday gatherings? Read more.

Holiday Food Stains | 4 Cleaning Solutions

So, holiday dinner is not the time to nick-pick over spills; however, that cranberry sauce and gravy stains on the tablecloth haven’t left your glaze all evening. Outwardly, you’re enjoying your meal with family and friends. Inwardly, you are freaking out! Read more.

I Can Do It Myself | 4 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

So, you are a die-hard DIY-er and see no need to hire someone to do something you can do yourself. Makes perfect sense in your head. And you have never even considered the possibility that you may be doing it wrong. Read more.

several recycled cardboard christmas gift boxThe Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Recycling

After all of the holiday fun, comes the holiday cleanup—massive amounts of boxes, bags and used wrapping paper thrown away into the trash can. How wasteful! Read more.

It Smells a Lot like Christmas! DIY Stovetop Simmers

There are many creative ways to make Christmas potpourri: stove top, slow cooker, candle warmer, tea pots and fondue pots. Whichever method you choose, you can begin to fill your home with the smell of Christmas in under 30 minutes. Read more.

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