Quick Tips to Boost Curb Appeal for Fall

Improving your Home's Curb Appeal for FallFor many of us, the beginning of fall means the beginning of cooler weather and shorter days. But perhaps to homeowners it should also mean sprucing up the outside of their homes. Here are some cheap, easy, and quick tips to boost your home’s curb appeal this fall. 

Add Seasonal Accents

Adding the right seasonal accents to your front porch can really make your home pop. Mums, pumpkins, planters, and wreaths are just a few options. Try adorning your front door with an Autumn-inspired wreath that reflects your personal style.  Also try using a plant stand to display smaller items like gourds, squash, foliage, and fruit.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

You may not often think of your mailbox as a design piece, but mailbox design is more versatile than you think. They can complement your home or express your personality, no matter how wacky it may be. It’s easy. You can go to your local home supply store for style options and more detailed directions. Be sure to adhere to US Postal regulations for height and location.

DIY | Mailbox Replacement

To upgrade the appearance of your mailbox, all you need is a little elbow grease and an afternoon of motivation! Check out this quick tutorial to get started:

Step #1: Wiggle the old mailbox post if it is not already loose.

Step #2: Position the new mailbox post in the hole, using small braces to hold the post just right.

Step #3: Fill the hole with premixed cement, pack it down and add water.

Step #4: After letting the cement set for a few hours, attach your new and improved mailbox to the post.

Plant Fall Flowers

Gardening does not have to come to an end when autumn arrives. There are many fall-blooming flowers that will look great in front of your home and beautifully complement your existing landscaping. You can create an instant garden using decorative containers and planter beds; and fill them with seasonal flowers like goldenrod, sedum, Mexican sage, perennial sunflowers, or a variety of mums.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only provides security, but can also make a big impact on curb appeal. Whether you choose to illuminate a walking path or add accent lighting to trees, adding outdoor lighting is always a smart (and decorative) move.

Paint the Front Door

Your front door is the first thing people see when coming to your home. Make your house stand out from the rest by painting it in an inviting, fall-friendly color. Read below for some DIY door painting tips.

DIY Door Painting | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Follow these 10-simple steps, and you’ll fall in love with the look of a brand new door!

Step #1: Remove the door and lay it down flat and place on top of a drop cloth.

Step #2: Remove all hardware from the door.

Steep #3: Clean the door (and hardware too!).

Step #4: Lightly sand it without the use of a power sander.

Step #5: Patch cracks with a quick-drying wood filler and let it dry.

Step #6: Sand the filler smooth.

Step #7: Apply primer to the door if needed.

Step #8: If there is a window pane, then apply painter’s tape around the edges.

Step #9: Paint the panels first with a small paint roller, rolling with the grain.

Step #10: Paint the rest of the door!


Sometimes painting over an old door that has been repainted many times can cause more damage than good. If this describes your front door, you may want to consider stripping it of the old paint first. Doing so can make the old door look brand new. Or you might actually discover a hidden gem of high-quality wood and opt to simply stain or varnish instead.

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