Simple Sofa Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Super Simple Sofa Cleaning Tips from Woodard Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, Mo.

Nothing is better than curling up on the sofa with an ice cold glass of milk and homemade cookies (still warm from the oven, of course). Even if cookies and milk aren’t your thing, the sofa is always a meeting ground for good snacks and lazy entertainment. The downfall to sofa-snacking? You guessed it: stains, spills, hidden germs, and all kinds of freaky things!

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve tried to enforce a “no food on the couch” rule, only to find that it doesn't stick. Rather than making unrealistic rules, why not master a few quick sofa cleaning methods? We promise they will come in handy.

Before Cleaning Your Sofa...

Whether you’re cleaning your carpet, couch, or even your favorite sweater, always take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Can’t find the instructions? No problem; test a small amount of cleaning solution on the back, or underside, area of your sofa. Doing so ensures that no damage or discoloration will be caused by cleaning.

Cleaning Upholstered Sofas

Uh-oh, did that can of soda get away from you? Quick! Grab a handful of paper towels and begin blotting the stain. Never rub the fabric, it’ll only make the stain worse. If blotting is not working to remove the stain, or if the stain is not fresh, cover the area with baking soda, allowing it to sit for 20 minutes. After the 20-minute mark, vacuum up the powder. Voila – you’re stain free!

If the stain on your upholstery is grease-based, you’ll need something a bit more powerful than baking soda and blotting. Apply a small amount of Dawn dish soap to the stain, then wipe it away with a damp cloth. While both of these methods work wonders, the best way to keep upholstered furniture clean is with proactive vacuuming, which keeps dirt and food from settling into fabric.

Cleaning Leather Sofas

Has your leather sofa taken on a greasy texture or design? Blame it on sofa-snacking! To get rid of this greasy look, apply a dollop of mild dish soap onto the dirty areas and work into a lather with a damp cloth. Keep in mind, you’re working with leather; don’t get it too wet, or you’ll find yourself in the market for a new sofa.

After working the dish soap into a lather, use a second damp cloth to wipe up the suds, then follow up with a leather conditioner. Don’t have any leather conditioner handy? That’s okay, butter is a great substitute!

Cleaning Faux Leather Sofas

Faux leather sofas look great without breaking the bank, but stain like the real deal. To clean a stain on a faux leather sofa, dab rubbing alcohol on the problem area(s) with a soft cloth until the stain disappears. If rubbing alcohol doesn’t do the trick, there’s still hope; try the same mild dish soap technique that we suggested for cleaning leather furniture.

When to Call a Professional

If your stains and spills are beyond DIY cleaning techniques, contact a professional furniture cleaning company to assist. Remember, overworking a stain with your own cleaning methods could make the stain worse. Know when to throw in the towel (literally) and call on the pros!