Spring Cleaning Apps for Your Smartphone

Spring is almost here! If it seems like there are too many chores on your spring cleaning checklist but not enough hours in the day, check out our list of apps that can help!

Spring Cleaning Apps

  • Chore Bank, $1.99 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): If you have kids, you’ll love Chore Bank! This app gets kids motivated to help, because it creates a virtual bank account for each child and assigns a monetary value to each chore or task. When they finish, the money gets deposited into their “account.” The app keeps the kids busy, accountable, and responsible, while you get a little help around the house. You can even upgrade to Chore Bank Pro and have additional features such as chore scheduling, a printable chores calendar, text message reminders to kids when their chores are scheduled, and more! (If you don’t have an iPhone, that’s okay! Download this similar FREE app for your Android device: Reward My Chore)
  • Cleaning Checklist, $0.99 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): This app helps you organize and manage cleaning tasks and activities. Pick a room (i.e. bedroom, office, bathroom), select the tasks you want to complete (i.e. make bed, dust, vacuum), and check-off when tasks are completed. This app also shows you what percentage of the room is clean, so you can quickly see which areas still need some attention. You can also set personal task reminders and alerts, such as what to pick up at the store!
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist, FREE! (Android): This app could make you fall in love with spring cleaning! In addition to helping you create checklists for every room of your house, Spring Cleaning Checklist gives you tips for organizing family spring cleaning days, including video tips and tricks, and has music you can listen to while cleaning! You will want to use this app year round!
  • Trello, FREE (iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android): This is an app you can use year-round for all sorts of things, spring cleaning included! You can create "boards" for various things - To Do, To Buy, To Clean - and add "Cards" to "Lists" within those boards to help organize tasks. For example, on your To Do board, you can create lists that say To Do > Doing > Done, and move your task cards from one to the other to keep everything organized. This is a great way to organize tasks at work too! Who says "spring cleaning" has to involve Lysol wipes and yard sales? Your mind and task list can always use some extra help! 

If you need more hands-on help for larger projects, give us a call at (314) 961-9102. Whether you've got a stain removal question, or would like to get a FREE cleaning estimate, we'll be there to help.


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