Spring Cleaning Prep Tips!

While it may still feel like winter outside, spring really is just around the corner! Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning projects at home and work? Make sure you’re well-prepared by keeping our checklist in mind!

Home & Office Cleaning:

In addition to regular maintenance cleanings at home and around the office, getting at least one good deep clean in there is a great way to boost morale. Spring is the perfect time for squeaky cleanliness!

Allergen Control/Removal: Once flowers start to bloom, allergens in the air tend to spike. Help minimize them by making sure you get the following items super clean:

○ Upholstered seating

○ Cubicle panels (where applicable)

○ Carpet & carpet tiles

○ Rugs

Eliminate Unwanted Grime: Wiping down & disinfecting surfaces regularly is a great practice, but make sure you really focus on breaking down the grime that builds up over the course of a year. The following hard surfaces should get some extra TLC this spring, to make sure they’re gorgeous and shiny!

○ Tile & Grout

○ Marble

○ Granite

○ Travertine

○ Limestone

○ Ceramic/Porcelain


Purging Excess:

Now that you have a good idea about what needs to be deep-cleaned this spring, come up with a plan for shedding the extra weight that the four walls around you seem to be holding onto. Spring cleaning provides a great excuse to go through storage/junk boxes and drawers and get rid of things you don’t need. Separate items into Keep, Donate, Trash groups, and proceed accordingly. Even going through things you want to keep gives you the opportunity to organize everything more appropriately.  


Going Green (and Digital):

If you’re surrounded by paper in today’s digital world, this spring might be a great time to sort through files and either scan them into your computer for safekeeping or trash them altogether. Be sure to shred any sensitive information, though! If you absolutely need to keep originals of certain documents, consider keeping them in a fireproof safe. For digital filing, there are all sorts of free or inexpensive systems out there that can hold a significant amount of information. Just be sure to create an extra safe password for your account!

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