Stopping the Spread of Influenza and the Norovirus Outbreak with nVIRO Shield®

With the flu season still hanging around, it’s important that your property is disinfected and your people are protected. Between the months of October and May, influenza and norovirus spread rapidly, affecting many individuals and clinging to your surroundings. Oftentimes, these viruses can be controlled. Recently however, there have been numerous influenza and norovirus outbreaks being reported – most of which are occurring in schools.

During the first two quarters of the year, many local schools were shut down due to influenza and norovirus outbreaks affecting high percentages of students. Hundreds of St. Louis students were sick as these illnesses spread rapidly throughout their schools - many of these outbreaks were stopped through the application of our nVIRO Shield® system, but they could have been prevented in the first place if applied before flu season.

Seeing how influenza and the norovirus can affect so many people in a short amount of time, your number one priority is to stop them from spreading. It’s important for all homes and businesses to maintain a sanitary environment, and it’s crucial to protect the health of all family members, employees, customers, and guests that spend time in your environment. However, most basic cleaning techniques aren’t powerful enough to completely eliminate traces of influenza and the norovirus from your surroundings.

When the flu starts spreading uncontrollably, it means that normal housekeeping wasn’t able to eliminate the virus entirely. If you’re looking for a system that gets rid of influenza and norovirus completely, nVIRO Shield® has got you covered.

Maintain a Healthy Atmosphere with nVIRO Shield®

nVIRO Shield® is a revolutionary pathogen control system introduced by Woodard Cleaning and Restoration. It uses an electrostatic mister, which lightly coats surfaces with a Photocatalytic Protective Sealant and Botanical Disinfectant. Since it’s dispersed in mist form, nVIRO Shield® can cover more surface area, treating the environment faster. The system’s positively-charged particles allow them to adhere to all surfaces, ensuring that the property is 100% protected from pathogens. Because of the efficiency provided by nVIRO Shield®, it can kill norovirus and influenza A (H1N1) in a matter of minutes. nVIRO Shield® makes it much easier for you to maintain your property’s healthy atmosphere and gives you that reset button when you need it.

If you want to experience the cleaning and disinfecting prowess nVIRO Shield® provides, contact Woodard today at 314-227-7077. We are dedicated to helping you create a safe and healthy environment for you and your property. If you have any questions regarding nVIRO Shield® or if you're interested in Woodard’s cleaning and restoration services, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Woodard services residential and commercial properties in Grantwood Village, Wildwood, Mascoutah, Augusta, Olivette, Fletcher, New Haven, Columbia, Freeburg, Greendale, Shiloh, or the rest of the St. Louis metro area.