Winter Safety Tips For You and Your Home

House covered in snowAre you and your home winter-ready? What do you know about winter fire safety? Take a look at some of our most recent blogs about taking care of yourself and your home during the winter.

Can It! Dispose Fireplace Ashes the Right Way

After the fire has burned out and you return to the routines of the day; how much thought do you give to what’s happening in your fireplace after you leave? Read more.

4 DIY Ways to Open Frozen Car Doors

This has happened to all of us at least once; it’s the middle of winter  and you need to a make quick run to the grocery store. Only one problem–you can’t get into your car because the door is completely frozen! What do you do? Read more.

Weathering the Storm | Preparing for a Harsh Winter

Depending on the source, this year St. Louis will either have a “bitter and snowy” winter or a “wetter and milder” winter than last year. Either way, preparing for the worst can only be good for you. Read more.

5 Tips for Winter Floor Care

Winter can be harsh on your floors. With everything that our shoes can track inside—snow, dirt, sand, and rock salt; not to mention the stains that come from pets, kids, and holiday parties—there is no wonder you want to be extra vigilant with floor care this winter season. Read more.

The Effects of Ice Melt on Your Carpet

Winter weather can be harsh, especially in St. Louis, so preventative measures like applying ice melt (or rock salt) onto walkways, driveways and streets is a common practice. And no matter how hard you try, you are going to track in ice melt in your home or office and on your carpet. It’s inevitable. Read more.

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