Woodard Customer Service | The Truth is in the Testimonials

Any business that plans to stay around for a while knows that you're only as good as what your customers say about you. And, in today's digital world, one's reputation is available for all to see, like it or not! Here, at Woodard, we feel that we've made a lot of great moves throughout the years, and we always encourage our customers to share their experiences with us. Please let us know how we're doing, or if there are areas that we can continue to improve and serve you better. In the meantime, we'd like to highlight the value of Woodard customer service by providing you with some testimonials we have received.

Customer Feedback: Why it Matters

Before you decide to call on our team, or any team, to assist you with your cleaning and restoration needs, we encourage you to do your research. While other companies may hide their reviews, or only provide you with a select few to reference, our customer reviews and user ratings are always available for you to view. Please, take the time to see what other customers are saying about their experiences with Woodard:

I would like to recognize the first responders at Woodard Cleaning and Restoration for their exceptional service. - Apr 12, 2013 in Saint Louis, MO

I was satisfied with pretty much everything. They were prompt, communicated well, and did the work well. I am very happy with them. - Apr 03, 2013 in Chesterfield, MO

I was most satisfied with the overall appearance. - Apr 01, 2013 in Columbia, IL

I was most satisfied with their promptness and professionalism. - Mar 28, 2013 in MO

We'd like to recognize Woodard's Project Management team for their exceptional service. - Mar 28, 2013 in St. Louis, MO

I was most satisfied that they are quick and courteous. They are quiet and don't disturb anyone when they are working. - Mar 28, 2013 in St. Louis, MO

Their response was very quick and good. - Mar 26, 2013 in Florissant, MO

I appreciated that they worked over the Christmas holiday. - Mar 23, 2013 in Highland, IL

I was most satisfied with the fact that they responded to the call and finished the job quickly. - Mar 11, 2013 in O'Fallon, MO

I was very satisfied with the work they did on the walls. They did a very good paint finish. - Mar 11, 2013 in Columbia, IL

We had a tornado come through a year ago and the traffic areas were a mess. They really did a good job on those and I was most satisfied with that. - Mar 11, 2013 in Bridgeton, MO

Our coordinator did a great job of keeping the job and all of it's parts in motion. - Mar 06, 2013 in St Louis, MO

I think that honestly it is the customer service that is most satisfactory. - Mar 05, 2013 in Maryland Heights, MO

I would like to recognize my project manager, who also served as my main contact, for providing exceptional service on my project. - Mar 02, 2013 in Troy, MO

They are timely, the price is right, and they are very courteous. They do a good job and I am very pleased with them. - Feb 14, 2013 in MO