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Fire and smoke damage and restoration

When it comes to fire damage incurred at your home or business, there’s no such thing as a “small” fire. The aftermath of a fire is always a big deal, and the Woodard team is ready to address it quickly.

Flames are one thing. But, often, the smoke damage and water used to extinguish the fire causes the most damage and destruction. Smoke and chemical particles cling to everything in sight, penetrate walls and flooring, and leave behind heavy odors.

To minimize secondary effects of smoke and water damage, professional restoration services are critical. The Woodard team has the equipment and expertise necessary to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition, and we’re just a quick call away. We can mitigate, take inventory, pack out, restore contents, and even provide complete reconstruction services.

24-Hour Emergency Response Services

The longer you wait to address fire damage, the more costly and irreparable it becomes; save yourself thousands of dollars in extraneous repairs and damages by acting quickly. Our team has the resources and experience to handle losses of every scope, anywhere in the country. Employing the latest fire restoration technologies and techniques, we’re able to provide you with the best value and most efficient services. Plus, our unwavering commitment to satisfaction, assistance with the insurance claims process, and unmatched industry standards guarantee you’ll get the assistance you need, the moment you need it.

You can’t plan for the unexpected, but you can depend on our trusted team of fire damage restoration professionals to be ready to tackle any job, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For emergency response services, call our 24/7 emergency response service line at 314-227-3938.


Post-fire, smoke, chemical particulates, and water damage leave behind unpleasant and potentially hazardous odors. When a substantial amount of water is used to extinguish a fire, offensive odors may indicate an additional concern: mold growth.

Woodard has the deodorizing experience necessary to eliminate the source of all foul odors. Our team carefully evaluates what was burned, working quickly to remedy the problem, while utilizing a variety of deodorizing techniques to treat your structure and its contents.

Pack-Out Services

After a fire, some contents need to be removed, cleaned, deodorized to prevent further damage. Woodard’s team of fire damage restoration technicians pack-out all damaged contents, and professionally treat them at our Content Care Center (CCC).  From delicate crystal to large appliances and everything in between, all of your valuables are handled with the utmost care and consideration.

Content Cleaning

Woodard’s state-of-the-art content cleaning facility incorporates the industry’s leading lines of equipment and workflow processes. When quick and efficient pack-out services are coupled with the best content cleaning services available, our highly trained technicians guarantee fast, consistent care. From our deodorizing ozone chamber and large ultrasonic cleaning area, to our electronics and upholstery treatment facilities, industrial wash bays and careful hand-cleaning processes, our team ensures the most thorough cleaning possible. After cleaning and deodorizing your items, we’ll keep them safe in our fire-resistant vaults until you’re ready for them.

Document Drying

Our advanced document drying and restoration program restores your most critical documents. Whether these items are freeze-dried for preservation and restoration, or dried and reprocessed in our Content Care Center under controlled heat and humidity, we’ll rescue them, and return them to you clean and dry. Of course, all documents remain private and confidential.

Debris Removal

From full-scale removal of large structures to pulling up contaminated carpet, our team is ready to serve. Crumbling drywall, damaged subfloors, exposed insulation and construction materials can leave a huge mess after a fire. Our team takes care of all the demolition and debris removal in your home or business.

Construction Services

Our construction professionals handle every detail of the rebuilding process, from foundation to finish work. To ensure flawless results, on-site construction management is provided, as well as a dedicated project manager, who specializes in rebuilding and repair activities, and oversees everything to guarantee your satisfaction. Whether it’s interior, exterior, structural, or mechanical, our goal is to quickly rebuild and repair your property. Our construction services are the finishing touch to getting your life back to normal.

Count on Woodard

For your home or business, and all the items in it, trust Woodard to put your life back in order after a fire. We have been in business for more than 65 years and put our unmatched reputation for legendary customer service behind every job that we handle.