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Thank You!

Woodard was founded by my grandfather, WWII Veteran, Earl E Woodard. After being shot down over Nazi occupied France, the French Resistance helped him get back to his life; without them, he would have ended up in a Nazi concentration camp. Woodard today is an extension of what the French people did for my grandfather. Today, our focus, our mission, our purpose for existence is to help people get back to their lives.

We are dedicated to providing support to the brave men and women transitioning to civilian life. If you are looking for a career home, please check out our current openings. While we are always looking for great veterans to join our team, we understand there may be other opportunities that better suit you. Our HR team will review your resume and assist with translating your Military Evaluations (like OER, NCOER, Annual Evaluations, etc.) into a resume. Just email your resume to and let us know how we can assist you in getting back to your life.


Veterans at Woodard

Woodard was founded on the values of service. It gives us great pride to be able to recognize our employees for their service.

Air Force: Dave Christoff & Jim Feltz
Army: Steve Fuegner, Will Smith, Chris Faulkner, Mario Anderson, Lindsay Harden, David Anthony, Alan Kestler, Steve Collins, Nic Smith and Raif Grebic (Bosnian Army)
Marine Corps: Mike Roth and Josh Riebold
National Guard:Dejuan Wright and Daryl Brown
Navy: Dan Moss, Tammy Van Meter and Chuck Cunningham