Woodard Rug Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Process

carpet cleaning equipment inside Woodard van

Woodard’s signature carpet cleaning process takes the term “clean” to an entirely new level. We don’t believe in simply just vacuuming and shampooing carpets because these procedures alone can only remove dirt superficially. For deep-seated impurities, our answer is a 12-step carpet cleaning process that demolishes dirt, even those that live in the root of your carpet’s fibers.

The Woodard Carpet Cleaning Process: 12 Steps to Complete Satisfaction

Woodard’s carpet cleaning services includes:

  • Pre-cleaning carpet inspection and consultation with clients
  • Complete wall and flooring protection
  • Thorough vacuum cleaning
  • Moving of light furniture like sofas, chairs, and tables
  • Pre-treating stubborn spots and stains
  • Application of pre-conditioning solution
  • Hand-scrubbing carpet edges
  • Hot water extraction and rinsing
  • Repositioning of furniture on protective pads after cleaning is complete
  • Grooming of the carpet for a uniform look
  • Accelerating drying time with the help of powerful turbo dryers
  • Final walkthrough and post-cleaning instructions

If a spot resurfaces...

If a spot resurfaces after our technicians have completed your cleaning job, please don't hesitate to call us. We're happy to come back free-of-charge to take another shot at removing these spots for you.

Contact us now at 314-227-3938 to learn more about our carpet cleaning process. Our experienced technicians can give you thorough information about what you can expect from these procedures.

Clean and Protect with Scotchgard™

As a homeowner, you’d like to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. But this is easier said than done, with all the abuses that your carpet can experience on a daily basis. Playful children and pets, accidental spills, dirt from the outdoors — all of these can take a toll on your carpet flooring. If you don’t feel like cleaning your carpet anymore because you think it’s a lost cause, don’t lose hope!

Woodard offers the revolutionary Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector system. Applying this treatment product is simply the best way to protect your carpet from spills, stains, and dirt, allowing you to keep your carpet for much longer and preventing it from being added to the 1 billion pounds of carpeting products that get disposed of every year. Additionally, with every Scotchgard™ application, we provide a free 6-month spot and spill warranty. This means that should a new spot or stain affect your carpet or rugs protected by Scotchgard™, we will clean it for you for free.

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