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Carpet Pet Odor Treatment in St. Louis, MO

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For many of us, pets are not just companion animals, they are members of the family. However, your furry pals can also be your carpet’s worst enemy. When pets relieve themselves on carpets, they can cause problematic odors that may not be easily removed. Moreover, pet odors tend to remain on carpets for a long time, further encouraging dogs and cats to repeat the offense over and over again.

The Professional Way to Keep Pet Odors Away!

Aside from carpet stains, pet odors are a frustrating and potentially embarrassing problem that people living with companion animals have to contend with. Where these smells are coming from might not always be easy to pinpoint, and removing them can be challenging.

Thankfully, professional carpet cleaners like Woodard can help you get rid of stubborn pet odors. Equipped with advanced tools and equipment, our carpet cleaning specialists will give your carpet a good washdown for that thorough cleansing it deserves.

The Effects of Pet Urine

Urine spots that are left unattended can cause damage in several ways. First, the moisture from urine can weaken the adhesive that holds the carpet backing to the carpet face. Moisture is likewise detrimental to the adhesive that holds the carpet seams in place. Secondly, urine can also cause discoloration of the carpet by chemically reacting with the dyes used on it. As is the case with moisture, the effect of urine on the color may not be immediately noticeable. Lastly, pet urine can also seep through the carpet flooring down to the actual floor underneath. This is particularly troublesome if you have wooden floors, which can rot when exposed to the moisture from urine.

If you smell pet odors that can not be removed no matter what sort of home cleaning method you use, the urine could probably have seeped through your carpet very deeply in such a way that only deep cleaning will be able to eliminate it.

Pet Odor Removal Method

As part of our signature 12-step carpet cleaning process, Woodard eliminates pet odors by employing a sub-surface extraction method and by applying specialized neutralizing solutions.

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