Commercial Furniture Cleaning

Commercial Furniture Cleaning

Whether you operate a restaurant, office space, or retail store, furniture is always placed in high-traffic areas, where it faces a great deal of wear and tear. With routine furniture cleaning and maintenance by our commercial cleaning team in St. Louis, you’ll protect your investment, while saving time and money.

When your usually attractive sofas and chairs in your office are beginning to be affected by stains and spills, and dirt and grime, it is time to call Woodard. There’s really no need to replace your furniture; that would be costly and is really unnecessary. Woodard’s professional furniture cleaning services empower you to elevate existing furniture to a new level of freshness and clean. 

Whatever material your upholstery and furniture are made of, your valued contents can be affected harshly by the accumulation of dust, dirt, grime and spills. In a safe and effective manner, thorough and professional furniture cleaning through Woodard can eradicate these problems, as well as eliminate the dust, pollen, dander and other allergens that reside within the fabric of your furniture. Do not try to handle these problems on your own. Most stain removers are futile against tough stains like tea and coffee. Woodard, however, implements special solutions and professional upholstery chemicals that get to the root of the stain to remove it. These techniques are proven to be safe and will not damage your furniture fabrics.

The Woodard crew focuses on elevating your furniture to a fresh, new look. Working with a commercial furniture cleaner like Woodard gives you the confidence of an established company that gained years of many satisfied customers.

When choosing to have your fabric furniture cleaned and dried, you will benefit greatly by choosing the right professional company. You have come to the right place. When furniture has been damaged, the initial cleaning process involves removing any dirt and has to be done gently so that no further damage to the furniture takes place.

Commercial Furniture Cleaning, Simplified!

You’re probably thinking that we only clean basic office furniture pieces like desk chairs, right? You’d be amazed! In addition to desk chairs, we clean all types of upholstered pieces, including those delicate dry-clean only, leather, and special-care items. We even offer Scotchgard™ and other topical treatments for enhanced fabric protection! Contact your account manager to develop a personalized cleaning and maintenance program for your furniture pieces.

Cubicle Panels & Wall Fabric

The cleaning of cubicle panels and wall fabric is an area that is often overlooked during the commercial cleaning process. However, routine cleanings are essential for enhancing the appearance of your workspace, as well as the health of your office environment. Just like carpet, furniture, and rugs, cubicle panels and upholstered walls act as magnets to pollutants, airborne dirt, and dust.  Contact us to review your commercial cleaning needs with our account management team – we’ll even give you a free estimate!

Contact us today to find out more about our cleaning and restoration services and solutions for a more comfortable, safer and energy efficient residential or commercial property. We serve Cottleville, Mackenzie, Rock Hill, Lemay, Troy, Jerseyville, Hematite, Luebbering, Herculaneum, Grafton, Liguori, Grubville, Labadie  and surrounding cities in East Missouri. If you have any questions or you're ready to get started, call us today at 314-227-3938.