Equipment Used By Woodard 24/7 Including Dehumidifiers and Air-Movers


Phoenix Dehumidifier

(Models: PhoenixTM 200 HT, PhoenixTM 200 MAX, PhoenixTM 250 MAX, RevolutionTM LGR)

What they do: Woodard’s industrial-grade dehumidifiers are designed to pull excess moisture out of the air in order to expedite the drying process. The difference between using one of these dehumidifiers and a standard household device, is the amount of moisture they can pull from the air. While most household dehumidifiers can remove between 50-70 pints of moisture per day, our industrial-grade units can remove upwards of 250 pints per day in full saturation conditions. Coupled with Woodard’s industrial air movers/fans and our Water Restoration Team’s extraction methods, your space should be completely dry in a matter of days.

Our setup process: Our dehumidifiers will be set up with a pan underneath them in the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction. Since these units are drawing moisture from the air, we do not want to risk damaging your flooring if the unit were to leak, so this is a protective measure. The dehumidifiers are designed to pull moisture out of the air and dispose of it into a drain or waste basin. If we’re able to place the dehumidifier near a floor or sink drain, we will use a hose to direct the water down those drains. If there is not a drain nearby, we will set up large waste basins to capture the water. Please do not touch the hoses or waste basins – our crews will ensure they are set up correctly and will empty them if they are getting full. Should you be concerned about your waste basin getting full too quickly, please contact our team for removal.

While this equipment is in your space: While the dehumidifiers are set up in your space, we ask that you refrain from touching them or any pieces of equipment (hoses, cords, etc.) surrounding them. Leaving them in place with the power going at all times will ensure the most efficient dry out process. Our experienced Project Management Team will make sure that job checks are done regularly to assess the moisture situation over the course of a few days, and will schedule the removal of equipment when appropriate.

Tempest® Air Mover

Air Movers & Axial Fans

(Models: Tempest®, Typhoon®, Dry Air Force 9)

What they do: Woodard’s commercial air movers & axial fans work alongside our dehumidifiers to completely dry out a space that has suffered from water damage. Dehumidifiers kick out dry air while they’re sucking in moist air, and these air movers & fans help to circulate the dry air throughout the space, expediting the dry out process. Because of the air movement, wet air is simultaneously running across the face of our air movers and fans, circulating it around the atmosphere for the dehumidifier to pick up, remove moisture from, and turn into dry air.

Air Mover vs. Axial Fan: Air movers point air in one main direction, making air movers ideal for drying out underneath carpets or rugs or inside small spaces. Axial fans, on the other hand, are essentially big box fans that work to circulate air through a much larger space.


Are these pieces of equipment noisy?
Because of how powerful these units can be, they do tend to run loudly. However, we do ask that they remain powered on at all times during the drying process.

How much energy do they use?
Our dehumidifiers and air movers/fans use between 3.0 and 8.2 amps of power.

Is this equipment harmful to humans or pets?
No. The equipment itself is not harmful to any living beings. We do ask that you do not touch equipment or electrical wires, as we place all pieces strategically and carefully and want to minimize any potential safety hazards.

Do I need to do anything to the equipment while you’re gone?
Not at all. We will schedule regular job checks with you to ensure all equipment is working appropriately and to empty any water waste basins that are getting full. If you have any concerns about the equipment or believe the waste basin should be emptied, please call us for help.

Do I really need all of this equipment?
In order to get the quickest, most efficient dry out possible, our team chooses and places equipment strategically around your space. Please trust that we know exactly what is needed to effectively dry out and clean up your space.


Truck-Mounted Cleaning Systems

(Models: Sapphire Scientific Pro-1200 SE)

What they do: These high-powered industrial truck mounts allow Woodard to clean your home successfully and with ease. Truck-mounted systems generate more power and pressure (1,500 psi) than portable units, and keep the heat from the unit(s) inside our vehicles rather than in your homes/businesses. 


Did You Know?

Woodard offers residential carpet cleaning, hard surface care, furniture & upholstery cleaning, commercial services, and area rug care services? We can also help with fire & smoke damage as well as storm damage and mold that may be present.