Living Room Furniture

Cleaning Living Room Furniture in Missouri and Illinois

Your family members and guests sit, and sometimes, jump on your couch, so it’s inevitable that the couch’s surface will get stained at some point. Despite all your best cleaning efforts, sometimes your methods just won't work. Tough blemishes can eat through your furniture’s upholstery and leave a permanent mark.

If your furniture is made of a luxury material, its value decreases once it gets stained. Cleaning it on your own can be risky, as you may unfamiliar with the proper furniture cleaning techniques for your fabrics. Your best solution is to contact us, at Woodard Cleaning and Restoration, because we have the proper tools and equipment to professionally clean and maintain all your living room furniture.

Clean Your Living Room Furniture the Easy Way, with Woodard

What makes our furniture and upholstery cleaning service amazing is that we cater to all types of furniture. We can clean items that are made from leather, microfiber, cloth, silk, etc., and we can handle any type of furniture or upholstery – be it a couch, bar stool or recliner. We also offer wet and dry cleaning to suit the material used in your couches and sofas. Our cleaning methods are quick and professional, making Woodard Cleaning and Restoration a convenient option if you own various types of furniture. So give us a call at 314-227-3938 today and we’ll treat your furniture with expert cleaning and the utmost care. Our services are available in St. Louis, Missouri.