Hard Surface Care for Ceramic and Porcelain in Missouri and Illinois

Keeping your ceramic and porcelain tiles dry and dust-free will minimize any wear patterns and grout stains that may develop over time. To remove loose soil and dust, regularly sweep and vacuum your hard surfaces.

Get your tile and grout clean by using warm water and a non-abrasive cloth sponge, or a mop. We’re aiming for the most gentle clean possible, so as to avoid any discoloration. Make sure to use a neutral cleaner that’s specially made for cleaning ceramic, porcelain tile, and grout.

Avoid using ordinary household cleaners because these can ruin the sealer that was applied onto the grout to protect it from stains. Avoid acidic cleaners, bleach, abrasives, or cleaners that have ammonia in them as well.

Countertops and Vanities

It’s best to use a pH-balanced cleaner to clean everyday stains from your countertops and vanities. If available, use cleaning products with protectors so they can reinforce the grout sealer.

Floor Surfaces

Grab a dry dust mop and make sure you dust and vacuum frequently. Any sand, grit, and dirt left behind can build up on the grout and cause discoloration. Using area rugs or mats will help minimize damage from these particles.

Mop your tile floors with a diluted, neutral cleaner, and don’t walk on the floor until it’s completely dry.

Routine Maintenance and Protection

  • Wipe down any spills and messes
  • Sweep or vacuum before you clean the floor. Don’t use a beater bar and if your vacuum doesn’t have the option to turn this off, sweep the floor instead.
  • Protect floors by using felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs.
  • Use coasters on the counters to protect the surface from water rings.

When maintained properly, these surfaces can continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Hard Surface Care

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration has long been experts on hard surface care. Ceramic and porcelain tile look beautiful, but require routine care and maintenance to keep them that way for many years. If you're not careful, your porcelain and ceramic tile and grout may become discolored and appear unclean. Let us handle all of your hard surfaces so that you can fully preserve their shine and durability. So contact Woodard 24/7 now or call us at 314-227-3938. We proudly service properties located in Eastern Missouri and Western Illinois.