Granite Care and Maintenance in Missouri and Illinois

To take care of your granite, always be sure to treat it carefully and gently.

Avoid placing hot items on the stone surface, and use mats under your hot serving bowls of freshly-cooked food. Consider using place mats underneath ceramic, silver, china, or other objects that can potentially scratch the surface of the granite.

Cleaning Your Granite Surface

For floors, you can use a clean, dry dust mop. Make sure it hasn’t been treated with any sort of chemicals. Grit, dirt, and sand are enemies of natural stone surfaces because of their abrasiveness.

You can help ease the damage with the use of area rugs or mats outside and inside an entrance. Just make sure that the underside of the mat or rug has a non-slip surface.

Patio and Pool Areas

Flush with clear water and then use a very mild bleach solution to get rid of any algae or moss.

Areas for Food Preparation

For this space, the stone may need to have some penetrating sealer applied. If you do opt for a sealer, make sure it’s non-toxic and safe so that you can continue preparing food on your granite counter top.

Bathroom and Other Wet Areas

You can minimize the soap scum found on the floor or walls by using a squeegee after using the bathroom. To get rid of soap scum, create a solution of ammonia and water (half a cup of ammonia to one gallon of water) or use a soap scum remover. If you allow for scum to build up for too long, it becomes harder to remove, so it's best to clean regularly.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Hard Surface Care

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration has always been the experts on hard surface care. With enough attention and proper maintenance, you can have your granite surfaces looking gorgeous for years to come. It's always best to get your hard surfaces professionally cleaned because improper care can cause your granite surface to become discolored, scratched, and dull.

Allow us to handle it so that you can get back to your life. Contact Woodard Cleaning and Restoration now or call us at 314-227-3938 so we an get started. We service all properties located in Missouri and Illinois.