Hard Surface Care for Marble, Limestone, and Other Natural Stones in Missouri and Illinois

Hard Surface Care for Marble, Limestone, and Other Natural Stones

Natural stones such as marble and limestone give rooms a unique personality. Each type brings out the brilliance of the space and improves the aesthetic of your interiors. But there is more to natural stones than meets the eye. Apart from their appearance, they also differ in composition, hardness, and resistance to acid. Knowing these characteristics can help a homeowner choose the best type of hard surface material for each section of their home.

The most common types of natural stone tiles are marble, limestone, quartzite, and travertine. Marble can be easily damaged by acid-based cleaning products. Limestone and quartzite, on the other hand, fare well in high-traffic areas, while travertine — a spongy material — requires sealing and a bit of maintenance. But no matter how luxurious these surfaces may look, they cannot escape getting marked or stained.

Each natural stone reacts differently to stains and stain-removal techniques. This means that if you are using the wrong cleaning methods or products, it is possible that you can add to the scratches and blotches on the surface of your floor or countertop. As such, it is best that you have your precious surfaces cleaned by professionals. These natural stones can be very sensitive to acids (such as soda, face wash, toothpaste, fruit juice, etc.), so you will want to clean up after a spill as soon as possible. The acids will eat away at the calcium contained in natural stones, causing a dull appearance that usually needs to be honed and polished to restore. You can first try to clean up the spill with mild soap and water - the spot may disappear when you wipe it off, but if it comes back when it's dry, that is an etch mark that would need to be removed and polished by a professional.

Professional Hard Surface Cleaning Near You

If you need your hard surfaces cleaned by the experts, look no further than Woodard 24/7. Our cleaning methods follow a strict step-by-step process that will help bring out your surface’s natural shine. We understand and appreciate the subtle differences of natural stone tiles and we make sure that we use appropriate cleaning methods for each type. With our help, your marble and limestone surfaces will stay clean and continue to shine.

Hard Surface Maintenance

There are a couple of things you can do to minimize the blemishes on your hard surfaces. You only need to remember these pointers when using your counters and floors.

  • Always use coasters, especially if you are drinking an alcoholic beverage
  • Use a hot pad and do not place hot items right off the stove or oven directly on the surface
  • Do not spill any food or drink that contains acid
  • Hard surfaces are usually slippery. To help dry your soles,  place carpet runners between your corridors, lobbies, and outside doors
  • Always remind guests that the floor is slippery. Place “slippery when wet” pylons if necessary
  • If there is a spill, blot it out immediately

Contact Woodard 24/7 and give us a call at 314-227-3938 if you are wanting to bring the luster back to your marble, limestone, quartzite, or travertine floors or counters. All of our services are available to properties located in Missouri and Illinois.