Vinyl Composite Tile & Luxury Vinyl Tile Surface Care in Missouri and Illinois

Vinyl Composite Tile & Luxury Vinyl Tile Surface Care

Though similar in nature, luxury vinyl tile is a much nicer, more extravagant option than vinyl composite tile. VCT comprises the common type of vinyl flooring - these tiles are resilient, sustainable, and perfect for places that experience high-traffic. On the other hand, LVT has more variety in the design department, as well as a higher level of durability. 

There is some definite care that must go into cleaning and maintaining both LVT and VCT. When cleaning, you have to think about the composition of the tile, as well as the method of installation. Vinyl composite tile and luxury vinyl tile use adhesive to stick to the floor, and certain cleaning products may react badly to the adhesive, causing it to erode and the tiles to lift. Also, these tiles are not resistant to all types of cleaning products, and choosing the wrong cleaning products could damage their appearance.

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Vinyl Composite Tile & Luxury Vinyl Tile Care Tips

  • Sweep floors regularly
  • Immediately wipe spills
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals
  • Do not use a steam cleaner
  • Do not clean it with a vacuum with a beater or brush