Benefits of nVIRO Shield® Over Standard Cleaning Practices

nVIRO Shield promotes healthy offices


  • Efficient labor and time costs – 5,000 sq ft space can be treated in 1 hour by one technician utilizing the 2 main components of nVIRO Shield® system
  • nVIRO Shield® agents are completely safe and non-toxic for humans and animals
  • Electronically-charged particles stick to everything, leaving no chance of missing a spot during the spraying process, thus ensuring 100% coverage and protection
  • No wiping down needed for treatment process, eliminating cross-contamination
  • nVIRO Shield® provides a protective barrier across all treated surfaces for up to 30 days from the time of application
  • Two-agent nVIRO Shield® system is easy and quick to apply
  • nVIRO Shield® cleaning agents are proven to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • No known allergens in nVIRO Shield® products
  • No other cleaning agents needed – nVIRO Shield® provides all of the protection necessary
    • Just wipe down surfaces as part of normal cleaning processes, and nVIRO Shield® will do the rest!
  • nVIRO Shield® treats, kills, and protects against most known bacteria, providing the following benefits: Nviro Shield promotes healthy medical facilities
    • Commercial: Protects employees and increases efficiency due to reduced sick days
    • Healthcare: Increases protection for patients and staff, leading to faster room conversion and more patients able to be seen
    • Education: No funding lost due to student illnesses


  • Inefficient labor & time costs
  • Chemicals can be potent/toxic to humans and animals
  • Wiping down surfaces leaves room for missing spots, thus causing increased  contamination
  • Wiping from surface to surface can cause cross-contamination
  • No extended shield to protect against microbial growth and eliminate illnesses
  • Multiple cleaning agents are needed to effectively disinfect
  • Most commercial cleaning agents do not kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Many cleaning agents have known allergens

nVIRO Shield promotes healthy schools


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